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  • Description Watch your favourite CTV shows online for free. Watch series like The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Quantico, The Voice, How to Get Away with Murder, Criminal Minds and many more.
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    mrssnellikins's Review on Posted on 02/25/2012
    ctv news channel
    I just watched the economists discussing the benefit of taxing food. What are they thinking of! The want to tax food and reduce the amount of the GST/HST. They will use the billions from the food tax to accomplish the reduction. Don't they realize the middle and high income pay the greatest part of the tax they now receive. They would rejoice in this decision. They buy the cars, houses, jewellery, expensive meals, luxury goods etc. The poor shop the salvation army, goodwill etc. On minimum wage by the time rent, hydro and bus fare to get to work (can't afford a car) is paid a family of 3 has little left over for food. Food is expensive because you either do a major grocery shopping and have to pay a taxi to take you home or you shop at a convenience store and pay higher prices. Even the food bank creates similar problems. The food may be free but it costs a bus token to get there and a taxi to take it home because you can't manage it on the bus. The people coming up with these ideas are much to well paid. They should try living on minimum wage and pay all necessities and then try to figure out how to eat. Eating according to the Canada food guide is impossible and sometimes just eating is a challenge.

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