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  • Description Need a great phone or tablet and a flexible plan? Fido's got you covered with the latest phones from Google, Apple, Samsung and more so you can stay connected to the things you love. Order online and get fast, free shipping. Go get it with Fido.
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    dolores hufano's Review on Posted on 10/07/2010
    data rocket internet stick
    i really appriciated the good intention of fido for their valued costumers,but i am facing a big problem right now with fido regarding the rocket stick that they offererd me a month ago at first fido called me offering about the rocket stick and i barely refused the offer for the reasons 1. i have alredy my internet access in my apartment of which im already paying it 2. i have already my free access in my work few weeks later they fido called again since i am at my work at that time and i cant really barely understand and hear him clearly because the boy that i am taking care of is crying so i dont wanna be rude so entertain him but the i dint understand exactly what hes talking and discussing coz my concentration was at the boy he asked my address i gave it to him Till yesterday when im about to pay my bill i called fido and i wonder why my bill went up thats the time i learned that they send me the internet stick of which in the wrong address i didt recived the package till yesterday and i returned it today . sir madamme I am just a livein caregiver here in Canada we are trying hard to budget our salary because he also have our family back ho to support with . I am not a bussiness woman, i am not traveling a lot to need an inernet stick sir madamme i am just a nanny here in canada, the income i am earning is not sufficient enough for extra cost. and now my problem is, Fido is charging me fo concellation fee of $220.00 of which i dont have any knowledge that they send me the internet stick since yesterday october 5,2010 I choose fido because i really believed in their good and excelent services that they are rendering to costumers I am with fido for almost 3 years now and i dont want to loose my trust with fido.I think offering a good deal or promotion over the phone is not the best way to attract costumer because most off the people in canada were immigrants , and telephone conversation is not really clear to understand wthers the wevsite ,mail or add email to reach us. Again thank you Fido and i just hope you will help me with my problem

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