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  • Description Find your cheapest insurance quote by comparing 50+ insurance companies in just 5 minutes. See how much you can save.
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Users' Reviews

  • Rating 2/5
    rkaushik72's Review on Posted on 05/30/2011
    bait and switch
    Typical bait and switch.
    Got a car insurance quote for about $2800. Then they connected me with the lowest 3 quoted companies. Each company gave me a final quote which was at least $300 higher than the one I got from kanetix.
    I would suggest you get quotes from Kanetix and then get quotes directly (directly via their websites) from the lowest 3.
  • Rating 5/5
    Jeffrey Wells's Review on Posted on 11/29/2010
    Saved me 550 bucks a month, not bad
    My brother told me about this site a few times but I never really thought to look into it. And then I heard someone else mention it and I thought, maybe I should have a look at this. My insurance was 2 weeks short of renewing and I figured, why not? Punched in the numbers and it managed to save me some money. I definitely recommend you at least try it.

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