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Users' Reviews

  • Rating 2/5
    Shooter's Review on Posted on 01/02/2010
    Do not trust their advertising. They show and say one thing but send you something less. They advertised a Swedish rifle that was supposed to come with a sling. They sent me the rifle without the sling saying they didnt have one so they deducted $25.00. That should have been my decision whether to take delivery or not. I think what they did was illegal but not worth enough to chase them on it and I think they bloody well knew it. I sent them an e-mail outlining my concerns and asked for some assistance to acquire an original sling and a field kit for the rifle. I have yet to hear from them! Its "buyer beware!" with these guys.
  • Rating 2/5
    irate01's Review on Posted on 11/17/2009
    They Started off Great.
    I purchased a hand gun from Marstar. They were very helpful at first. They had pictures of the item and said it was 100% functional. I ordered the hand gun and when it arrived it said on the side (The side where they didn't have a picture) that it was not function and for demonstration use only. I wasn't too happy, so I emailed them, never got a reply. Finally after numerous calls and emails I got a return #. When I sent it back, they took three weeks to refund me. When they refunded me they short changed my refund $100. They said it was their policy to refund 10% less.

    I wasn't too happy as I wanted to purchase a functional one, and they short changed a refund when they didn't properly describe the item they sold me. They gave me a bunch of rude emails back. I heard they were great to deal with, but after this experience and one of my friends had a similar experience, I will not deal with them or recommend anyone to them. They acted rude, unprofessional, and essentially stole my money on something that they didn't properly advertise. It's too bad a company like them can't honor their mistakes and the consumer has to pay for it.

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