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    wildkard58's Review on Posted on 07/30/2009
    call to confirm the price from website
    Their website does not tell you what type of rate they are advertising. For example, cruise offerings will give a price for whatever room you select. However, their website does not tell you if it is the senior rate or whatever rate it actually is.

    We booked 3 rooms for 6 people however, we only had 2 seniors so only 2 of the rooms were given to us at the website's advertised rate. I was told this is the senior's rate and the third room would be $200 CDN more.

    I have called and e-mailed the company a few times. I have asked for some sort of credit towards a future booking and that their website show whatever rate they are offering. They have denied my credit request and have not revised their website.

    I dealt with a supervisor, who "reminded" me 4 times through e-mails and a phone conversation that I did not have to follow through with the transaction and that I had agreed upon the price increase on the third room. Each time I responded that the issue that is being overlooked here is the fact their website is misleading - it never stated if the rate advertised is a senior discount that you had to qualify for or a special clearout price for everyone.

    If you do use this company, beware of the website price. It may not be the price that you will get. If you booked through the website and it is a senior rate, when you try to get on the cruise they will ask to verify if you qualify for a senior rate. If you do not, you will pay the additional costs in order to board the ship. Call and ask if the rate advertised on the website is applicable to you.

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