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  • Description Worldline Long Distance & High Speed Internet offers unlimited long distance calling, unlimited download high speed DSL & cable packages, & bundled internet & long distance services across Canada.
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Users' Reviews

  • Rating 0/5
    ck1914's Review on Posted on 02/02/2010
    Very Very Bad Service and Charged me tons of money without my consent
    In there agreement, they can change the service charge without notice. Actualy, they do not even notify you by email. So they changed the service charge and charged me for tons of money. When I called back because of the service charge, they referred me back to the agreement, and they said we have the right to even charge thousands without ask your permission. I cancelled. Never sign with them, they will steal your money too
  • Rating 2/5
    jacho1212's Review on Posted on 12/25/2009
    okay when it works....
    I've had the service for about 5 years. The sound quality is fairly good but when their network gets busy you'll know it by the degradation of the sound quality. When the service works, it works well. When it doesn't, God help you. Hopefully, you'll reach someone in their call centre that you can understand AND they can understand the information you are trying to tell them. FWIW, I haven't been able to access their call in number for the past three days. When I called their tech support line yesterday I was told that I've already submitted a trouble report and that it's being 'looked at'. I was also told their mandate for repair is within 48 hours but it's been over 72 hours (3 days) so far. I couldn't contact anyone yesterday due to the call centre closing early Xmas Eve. Xmas LD calls were made on my local carrier's network at a substantially higher cost which really defeats the reason I originally subscribed to Worldline. If you read their 'fine print' they do not have any service guarantees nor will they offer any rebates for outages or additional costs incurred due to their service outage. Realize this is a low cost service and when it works, it works well but don't put 100% reliance into them.
  • Rating 1/5
    jasonqb's Review on Posted on 08/11/2009
    Terms and Conditions
    I was a customer with WL since 2006. On July 21 2009, I changed my method of payment from a chequing account to my credit card account. I closed my bank account and advised them that no monies would be available form the chequing account. On August 1st 2009, they charged my credit card the normal monthly fee, however my closed bank account was charged by WL on August 4th and caused me a NSF of $35.00.
    I called to explain that my story but they clearly said they had every legal right to charge a pentality fee if there was insuffeint funds in the bank account.
    Please read the terms and conditions as this company will change prices and charge other fees without notice. I have cancelled my account with WL as they refuse to refund me the $10, but its their lost as they have lost hundreds of future dollars from me....
    I wonder if the $10 bucks was worth in it to them??

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